CryptoASICmine Wholesale

Crypto mining is gaining popularity these days as cryptocurrencies make more frequent appearances in mainstream media. However, there are still few distributors in the market as the service is relatively new. With our extended years of experience in the field, CryptoASICmine can offer wholesale crypto mining service to distributors. Why wait for someone to be a local leading retailer of mining equipment when you can take the helm?

Mining wholesalers are hard to come by, in part because this industry is still quite new. We supply wholesale mining equipment for various cryptocurrencies to our distributors. Our brands include the most famous and reliable ones out there in the market, ranging from Antminer, Halong to Obelsik,Innosilicon,etc…

All of our mining tools are sourced directly from various suppliers in China. We have been certified by ASIC Miner Value, a leading website on the cryptocurrency mining industry, so our products are top-notch on the market.

Finding a good wholesaler is hard, but keeping a good and healthy relationship between distributors and wholesalers is even harder. Many distributors have stopped sourcing from certain wholesalers because the terms are always changing, or because they cannot keep the relationship stress-free. As an experienced wholesaler in the industry, we strive to keep a great relationship with our distributors.

Before we source any product to you, we will do thorough research to make sure such products will be beneficial to your business in your region. If the research does find out which products will potentially be useful to your business, we will recommend them to you and will give you a great discount, making sure that you will be satisfied with every shipment you receive.

Returning a faulty shipment is an arduous task. We always exert ourselves to make sure that no product is defective, but in case the worst does happen, we would be more than happy to investigate further. Simply contact us through [email protected] for case-by-case queries.

Our products have satisfied hundreds of customers, so we guarantee you will receive the same experience. If you are interested in buying more than five items per order, contact us directly through [email protected] to receive quotations as invoices. Please also state your preferred payment methods so that we could proceed accordingly.